Fan Staging – The Concept


Some of us are musicians.  Some of us utilize other creative outlets. Some of us are just awesome fans.  However, we are all fans.  

This is Fan Staging

Fan Staging is a concept developed out of Dekalb, IL.  Dekalb exists on the cusp of the greater Chicagoland area and is home to Northern Illinois University.  The House Cafe exists in this downtown landscape as a sanctuary for lovers of food, art, music and creative expression. The space boasts a beautifully legitimate main stage at the far end and a unique space near the entrance which doubles as the perfect raised side stage for in between sets from other creative entities.

The venue has the luxury of having full food service, alcohol and carefully crafted espresso drinks.  However, that is not the full luxury. This venue boasts an all ages policy which is extremely attractive to the local student body.  The warm and comforting atmosphere will leave you with the feeling that it is alright to be vulnerable within the walls of the venue without the risk of harsh judgment that your everyday life may present.

Fan Staging is a simple concept.  We want bands to come here and play.  We want the student body of Northern Illinois University to have a multitude of choices when they go out to relieve the stresses of trying to snatch their degree.  We want to be in charge of our art free of schemers that may have their own personally cloaked agenda that may be the antithesis of creative people selflessly helping other creative people.

We want fans to be a huge part of the process.  We want fans to suggest who should play here and why it matters.  Fan Staging sets out to use this portal as a worldwide data base of creative people that want to make an appearance at The House Cafe with other bands of their like minded genre or with people and groups completely off the radar of what they are giving to the world.  Stay within your genre or customize you own swatch of a show.  That is the beauty of this algorithm.

You will see some navigational words at the top of this chalkboard. Simply click on those words based on who you are and why you are here and you will start to witness a comprehensive database develop that will link you to other artists both local and abroad that may be able to help you book a show together if you are out of town or close to our area.  The forms that you will fill out are set into an algorithm that has been developed through a customized genre led database.   This information will then be sent out to everyone in the database based on how you have uniquely filled out the form and then the virtual net has been cast!  It’s a simple mission of  organized information sharing so that your process becomes easier and more efficient.

These creative people in the database will receive a stylized email that will let them know that you are looking for someone in their arena.  That entity will review the information that you provided through your filled out form and then that entity will be able to make contact with you! This will harness a developing network and a show in the Chicagoland area with people that are locally and globally dialed into the information that you need to get on stage.

We obviously want you to have The House Cafe experience and we make that very easy with an up to date calendar on this website.  You can see the booked dates and the open pockets and together we can build a legitimate network that we can use over and over again to breathe a new and efficient life into the Chicagoland music scene.   All you have to do is fill out a form, look at the calendar and we will work with you to either fill the pockets or add you to an already established date if something is open. We run the database and you tell us what you want.  We’ll do our best to make it happen and our network will grow with some simple forms that are simple to fill out.

Are you a musician?  Are you a fan of a creative entity that wants to see your favorite thing on stage?  Are you another creative entity that would like to showcase your work here?  Fill out a form and watch your dream come true…

You can also click on Active Players and this will take you to a detailed listing of everyone in the database that is currently connected into Fan Staging. This on demand database will be complete with their contact information and other pertinent details that can help you in your journey.

Fan Staging – Get Connected – Today – The Easy Way